Village message board moving or staying?


Staff writer

SUBLETTE — The Sublette Village Board returned to session Monday, March 13 to work through the meeting agenda.

The hot button discussions this month were centered around street projects and renovations, and whether or not the village message board should be moved or remain at its current location.

The village message board was on the agenda because it either needs to be agreed that the board will stay where it is and the electricity payments will be made to the property owner.

However, if the Sublette Village Board doesn't want to pay the electric fees to the owner, the board will need to be moved. The sought after destination is by the grain elevator.

However, this is an easier-said-than-done process as IDOT would have to be contacted for a permit, electricity would need to be available, gaining insurance coverage, and contractors would need to physically move it from the current location to the new one.

Also, there is a strip of lights on the sign that are out and need replaced.

Reasons to leave the village message board where it is and why to move it were both addressed before the item was tabled.

There was a motion to start the blueprinting process for the 109 W. Main Project, which consists of laying concrete for a parking lot, new sidewalks, and to add a bike rack.

After the official blueprint is made in terms of size of the parking lot and how wide the sidewalks will be, then the bidding process can begin to find contractors to complete the project.

Other items discussed at the meeting included the Sublette Cruise Night being planned for the same night as the Earlville Cruise Night, which could affect attendance, the wrestling program is done using the Ellice Dinges Center for practice and will be storing the mats in a classroom, and the EDC hallways and cafeteria area will need buffed and cleaned.

Also, three Village of Sublette CDs mature by the next meeting. Two of the CDs are worth $50,000 and one is worth $15,000. They will be set to a 12-month rate of 3.25 percent at Pioneer State Bank.