Nerf battle invades Graves-Hume Public Library

MENDOTA – Books, bookshelves, computers, windows, and human beings were not safe at the Graves-Hume Public Library on Jan. 30 as Nerf darts, and other ammunition, soared through the library and bounced off everything inside.

The third annual Tweens Nerf Battle featured 20 tweens (5th through 8th grade) bringing their own gear or using the library’s supply for the game Capture the Block, where three teams (red, blue, and orange) waged war for four rounds lasting 45 minutes throughout the entire library. Each team included a medic to rescue a teammate who had been wounded by a Nerf dart.

“It was epic,” said Carolynn Ohlendorf, Youth Services Department Manager. “It’s such a fun program for the kids. I love that we can utilize the library in a different way.”

Next month, the library will host a Tween Iron Chef competition where each group of chefs will be given a bag of ingredients to create a delicious menu item.

“Our goal is to make the library fun. I want these kids to see that the library is a place to make friends and a safe environment to hang out,” said Emily Kofoid, the director of the library. “I appreciate Carolynn for thinking outside of the box for programming ideas.”