Golf carts & UTVs require registration if driven on Paw Paw streets

PAW PAW - A resident requested and received a variance on a shed set-back at the April 14 Paw Paw Village Board meeting. The variance was granted with the permission of his neighbors.

Residents are advised that golf carts and UTVs using village streets must be registered with the village and display a neon-yellow permit on the lower-right of the windshield. All vehicles must be in compliance with the mandated road-worthy requirements. ATVs are not allowed on the village streets. Permits are available at the village clerk’s office in the community building. Please contact the village clerk with any questions at (815) 627-2351.

Other business included:

  • Movies-in-the-Park is expected to resume in May for the summer season.
  • Republic Garbage rate charges will increase with the April billing from $30.39 to $31.46.
  • A resident inquired as to the possibility of installing a mirror at Chicago Road and Peru Street to allow visualization of oncoming eastbound traffic.
  • Gutters and downspouts at the Community Building have been repaired from damages caused by the ice storms.
  • The village has an Electrical Aggregation program for residents within the Village of Paw Paw. It is entirely up to a resident if they wish to participate in this program. The new provider for this program is Dynegy. Their rates will begin July 2021 and go through August 2024. Their contracted rate is .5965 per kwh.
  • The village is looking into a legal resolution to the ongoing sidewalk blocking at the east end of Chicago Road.