Electronics recycling, hazardous waste disposal events planned April 29 in Ottawa

OTTAWA – Free electronics recycling and household hazardous waste disposal events are scheduled for Saturday, April 29 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the LaSalle County Government Center, 707 E. Etna Road, Ottawa. Persons attending the household hazardous waste event should enter at the east entrance.

Electronics Recycling

Accepted items for the electronics recycling include: cable and satellite receivers, cameras, cash registers, credit card readers, cell phones and accessories, chargers, circuit boards, computer servers, computers and computer parts, copiers/printers/scanners/fax machines/typewriters, DVD/VHS players, external drives, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ink and toner cartridges, laptops/tablets/eReaders, mice and keyboards, microwaves, monitors (all types), MP3/iPods/etc., networking equipment (modems, switches, routers, hubs), phones and telecom equipment, projectors, rechargeable batteries (lithium, ion, Ni-Cd, lead acid, Ni-Mh), stereos/radios/speakers, televisions (all types), uninterrupted power supplies, video game consoles, wire/cables/Christmas lights.

Non-accepted items for electronics recycling include: loose alkaline batteries (accepted while contained in electronic devices), liquid containing items, freon containing items (AC units, dehumidifiers), white goods (refrigerators, freezers), thermostats, light bulbs.

There is a limit of two televisions per vehicle. Registration is not open to businesses. Oversized loads may be refused.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Accepted items for the household hazardous waste event include: oil-based paints, household batteries, used motor oil, paint thinners, herbicides, lawn chemicals, insecticides, solvents, pesticides, antifreeze, old gasoline, hobby chemicals, pool chemicals, aerosol paints and pesticides, cleaning products, fluorescent lamp bulbs, mercury, drain cleaners, acids, corrosives.

Non-accepted items for the household hazardous waste event include: latex paint, agricultural wastes, propane tanks, business/commercial sector wastes, smoke detectors, explosives/ammunition, farm machinery oil, fireworks, fire extinguishers, controlled substances, biohazard waste/medical wastes, institutional wastes, tires, electronics, lead acid batteries.

For safe transport of HHW, residents are asked to:

  • Pack HHW items in a disposable box to avoid spilling during transport.
  • Keep like chemicals together and separate unlike chemicals.
  • Secure lids and make sure containers are not leaking.
  • Place box(es) of HHW in the empty trunk or storage compartment of your vehicle, away from passengers during transport.
  • Remain in vehicle at collection site. On-site personnel will remove the HHW from your vehicle.

Pre-registration for either event is required online at lasallecounty.as.me/ or by calling 815-630-4308 Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. or Friday from 8 a.m.-noon. If you are attending both events, only one registration is required.

For questions or more information not regarding registration, contact the LaSalle County Land Use Department at 815-434-8666.

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